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Every year we try and take a nice break, preferably involving mountains, walking, camping and wild places, not necessarily in that order.

Recently we've taken to bringing along a camera for the trip, and ajara has taken to writing travelogues, that we email out to friends around the world.

We've collected the travelogues and the pictures together on this site for your enjoyment.

So, enjoy!

New Zealand, 2001
A wonderful two months in New Zealand, mainly on the South Island.
Includes the Caples-Greenstone, Rees-Dart, Inland Pack Trail, Travers-Sabine Cricuit and Tongariro Circuit.
Madeira, 2002
A month walking along the amazing lavadas of Madeira.
Patagonia, 2003
Two months in Patagonian Chile, starting from the very south, working our way up.
Starting with Isla Navrino, to Torres del Paine, Alerce Andino, Puyehue Traverse and the Villarica Traverse
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