Puyehue panorama
Panorama looking south from Puyehue peak.
map of southern chile

Somewhere along our trek in New Zealand, we met a couple who had spent a wonderful few weeks trekking in a place called Patagonia. I just knew the place as a title of a Bruce Chatwin book. When we got back home, we looked it up to find out where it was and what kind of place it was.

Well, its not a country, its a geographical area, I've seen different definitions of where it is, but generally it is the area of South America south of latitude 36°S, covering both Chile and Argentina. Chilenos would more likely consider it the area of Chile south of P. Montt.

We spent january and february of 2003 trekking and exploring the Chilean side of Patagonia, starting in the south and working our way north, getting as far as Pucon. Whenever we had the chance, Ajara would find an internet cafe and send off a travelogue to friends. These travelogues are reproduced here along with some of the many pictures that we took

Travelogue 1
Santiago to Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams
Travelogue 2
Peurto Natales and Torres del Paine
Travelogue 3
Torres del Paine continued
Travelogue 4
Coyhaique, Puerto Montt and Alerce Andino
Travelogue 5
Puyehue Traverse and Cochamo
Travelogue 6
Pucon, Volcan Villarica and Traverse