Lake Takepo
Lake Takepo, with Mt. Cook behind.
map of new zealand
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In February of 2001, my partner, Ajara, and I set off on a two month tramping tour of New Zealand.
Whenever we would pass an Internet cafe, Ajara would sit down and write out a travelogue and send it off to our friends around the world to keep them up to date on our adventures. These pages are based around her travelogues and the pictures that we took on our journeys.

Much of the journey was guided by the Lonely Planet "Tramping in New Zealand" book, and any track notes here will refer to the treks as laid out in the 4th edition (Nov 1998). If you have a another edition, it may be different.

Most of the pictures are thumbnails and you can click on them to view larger versions of them. There are also many photos that wouldn't fit here and you can find them in the photo section. Where I have relevant notes on different sites and tracks, you can click on the link and window will popup with the notes. You will need Javascript enabled in your browser for the popups to work.